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Currently, Rappahannock does not have detailed weather data records. What is available is extrapolated from outside sources. There are a few scattered weather stations keeping long-term records including one at Sunnyside Farm, one at the high school, and one in Gid Brown Hollow which has been operating for about ten years.

With more stations and better collaboration it is possible to monitor changes in weather patterns to help farmers and other landowners adapt to changes in climate. The data can provide accurate information on temperature, precipitation and other variables.

Because we sit at the top of our watershed, all of our water ultimately comes from precipitation, not from an upstream source. We have heard stories of springs drying, storms becoming more severe or weather patterns becoming less predictable. It is beneficial to monitor these changes.

Rappahannock is a rural and agricultural community and therefore dependent upon the quality and quantity of its water resources. To be informed stewards of our natural resources, increasing the capacity to collect, maintain, and analyze weather data will benefit our community.

After research and discussion, RLEP has determined that the benefit of strategically placed weather stations in Rappahannock is a worthwhile investment and is purchasing two weather stations.



UPDATE 9/5/2014

On September 2, Dominion Resources announced more specific plans concerning its proposed 550 mile long interstate natural gas pipeline to transport fracked gas from Pennsylvania, which would begin in West Virginia, cross into Virginia (well south of Rappahannock County) and end in North Carolina.  Now called the “Atlantic Coast Pipeline”, Dominion expects to form a joint venture company to include Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas and AGL Resources to build and operate the pipeline.  The announcement was made at a press conference attended by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and various Richmond legislators, all of whom expressed strong support for the pipeline. 

The project still requires approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of the Interior, since the pipeline would cross portions of George Washington National Forest (which is not subject to eminent domain, as are private lands).

Further information can be found at Dominion’s website:


A map of the proposed route can be found at the following link:




UPDATE 8/19/2014:  


Spectra Pipeline Efforts Reportedly Suspended


Last week a spokesperson for Spectra Energy was quoted as stating that it
"is suspending" its development work on the proposed gas pipeline that would
have crossed Rappahannock County (Highland County Recorder, August 7).  No
reason was given for the suspension, nor was it made clear whether Spectra
has cancelled the pipeline project or simply delayed its pursuit

While the suspension is good news for Rappahannock County, residents should
remain vigilant for any signs of continued activities by Spectra Energy or
others regarding a pipeline project."


Gas PipelineAs you are probably aware, Spectra Energy, a Texas-based pipeline company, is proposing to build a large natural gas pipeline across Rappahannock County for the purpose of transporting "fracked" natural gas from Pennsylvania to points south. Construction of the underground pipeline in Rappahannock County would require the digging of trenches across pastures and fields, the clear-cutting of swaths of woods and forest, the crossing of numerous rivers and streams, and the building of access roads for heavy equipment to all of the above – not to mention the heavy increase in industrial traffic on existing roads. In many cases, these activities would take place on pristine lands that have been placed in conservation easements for perpetuity.

The proposed pipeline has already drawn criticism from many residents and friends of Rappahannock County. This includes the County's Board of Supervisors, which recently passed a resolution opposing the project and its proposed routing.

Because of the serious environmental consequences to Rappahannock County if this project goes forward, RLEP is closely monitoring developments concerning the pipeline and conferring with other interested parties. As a service to our members and the community at large, we have gathered on this website a large quantity of publicly-available information concerning the pipeline, Spectra Energy, other companies and entities involved with the project, the likely regulatory and environmental permitting process, landowner issues and other relevant topics. We will endeavor to keep this information current as developments proceed.

Please note that this website is designed to provide general information only; it is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Any interested parties that require legal advice, such as affected landowners, should seek independent legal counsel and should not rely upon the information provided on this website.

Read More about the Proposed Spectra Energy Pipeline

 This is the newly built, very attractive and functional RLEP Joe Keyser Bridge of the Town of Washington Butterfly Trail ... or RLEPJKBTWBT. Joe Keyser is a Board member of RLEP.


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